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Instructions for use of Preprint and Poster Board

The Preprint and Poster Board in the main entrance has been revamped (as of 9/11/15). The idea is to keep this uptodate in a self regulatory, but organised, way.


The plan is to keep a running ledger of the papers we collectively publish to keep our colleagues aware of our work and to monitor our output. When a paper you are co-author on gets accepted, please pin up the front page, with all CIRA authors highlighted, under the current month. It is the responsibility of all CIRA members to update their own papers. You will see there are headings for the last 4 months which will rotate once we start a new month. If you do not have an official markup of the paper, please indicate which journal it has been accepted in.


There is room for three posters at the top of the board which we would like to rotate and keep topical. If you have a poster, e.g. from the ASA, and wish to put it up please contact Nick Seymour.

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