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Curtin Research Fellowships

This Fellowship scheme aims to attract high quality post doctoral researchers with excellent potential for providing future academic and research leadership at the Curtin University of Technology. The scheme was expanded as a major strategic development under the University's Research Management Plan 2006-2008. It is highly competitive and amongst the most prestigious Fellowship schemes in Australia. Curtin University of Technology is located in Perth, Western Australia, in close proximity to Australia's candidate site for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) and the site for the construction of SKA pathfinders such as ASKAP and the MWA.

Fellowships are awarded in two categories: Senior Research Fellowships and Early Career Research Fellowships.

Applications for Fellowships starting in 2010 will open soon, with information on application procedures and eligibility available at the following URL [note: the materials at this URL still refer to the 2009 round, as of June 24: the basic application materials will not change substantially for the 2010 round and will be updated by the Curtin Research Office soon].

The Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy [CIRA] is seeking highly qualified postdoctoral level candidates to apply for Curtin Research Fellowships. Information on CIRA and astronomy at Curtin can be found at:

CIRA is a cross-disciplinary institute, covering Radio Astronomy and Radio Astronomy Engineering, focused on the pathway to SKA science and engineering. Currently CIRA numbers approximately 25 tenured staff, postdoctoral staff, technical staff and students. CIRA is part of joint ventures such as the Western Australian Centre of Excellence in Radio Astronomy and Radio Astronomy Engineering and the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR). CIRA is involved with technical developments in Australia relating to the Australian Long Baseline Array [LBA], Australian SKA Pathfinder [ASKAP] and is taking a leading position in the development of the Murchison Widefield Array [MWA]. CIRA researchers do substantial work at the Murchison Radioastronomy Observatory (MRO). As such, we are interested in Curtin Research Fellowship applicants in the following areas:

* Any area of radio astronomy science related to the SKA and SKA pathfinders such as ASKAP and MWA;
* Any area of radio astronomy science related to high angular resolution VLBI/e-VLBI techniques;
* Any area of multi-wavelength astronomy related to the SKA science goals e.g. optical, high energy etc;
* Any area of radio astronomy engineering e.g. RF engineering, digital electronics, HPC development etc;
* Any area of theoretical astrophysics related to the SKA science goals;
* Any area of software development for next generation radio telescopes.

For further information on the Curtin Research Fellowship opportunities within CIRA, please contact the CIRA co-Directors: Prof. Steven Tingay ( or Prof. Peter Hall (

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