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Welcome to your Development Committee

Please take a look at our Terms of Reference & Mission Statement, which were drafted after consulting the Institute and approved by the Directors in October 2014. CIRA's Statement of Values was drafted by DevCom and approved by the Directors in July 2017.

Mission Statement:

The CIRA Development Committee provides advice to the CIRA Directors. Its aims are to foster an environment where all staff can flourish irrespective of role, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, etc. It recognises that a way to promote diversity and representation, at all levels, is through development and support of existing, and future, staff and students. It draws on University and other resources to provide initiatives to develop CIRA’s talent and to improve the overall working environment. The committee is also a portal to provide advice for academic and non­academic staff on career development, progression and recognition.

Aims of the Development Committee:

● Advise the Directors on ways CIRA can help support academic and non­academic career development options, both at CIRA and externally, for staff and students.

● Elicit opinion and feedback from the wider Institute community on issues of diversity, development and working environment, as well as other issues of concern to the members of the Institute.

● Encourage and support participation at events and workshops, etc., and on committees, that further the mission of the committee.

● Encourage and support applications for internal & external awards as a means of career development.

● Connect to initiatives and resources at Curtin and within the broader astronomy and engineering communities in the areas of diversity and personnel development.

● Recognising that gender diversity is an issue central to overall diversity, work through the framework of the Astronomical Society of Australia’s (ASA) Women in Astronomy Chapter Pleiades Awards to improve the gender diversity of staff, students, visitors and speakers.

● Monitor and publicise demographics of the institute, issues of diversity and career development.

Statement of Values:

At CIRA we value the participation of each member of the institute and want all staff, students, and visitors to have an enjoyable and productive experience during their time here. As part of the Curtin community, we support the Curtin values of Integrity, Respect, Courage, Excellence, and Impact. CIRA encourages an equitable, diverse, tolerant, and friendly work environment for all staff and students, regardless of personal circumstances, including age, disability, role, gender, sexual orientation, ability, political opinion, cultural and religious backgrounds, and family situation.

Talk to us

One of our aims is to offer access to informal, anonymous reporting avenues for any issues that may affect staff, students or visitors of CIRA. If an individual wants to raise such an issue they may contact any committee member via email or, if they wish to remain anonymous, unsigned hard-copy to the individual's pigeon hole. All communications will be treated with discretion.

This is in no way meant to supersede or replace the Curtin University's Integrity and Standards Unit (ISU) as a place to lodge concerns or complaints but as a first stop for those who require a less formal avenue.

Curtin University support services

Curtin University has many counseling services available for staff and students, including information on mental health.

Curtin Values and Code of Conduct

Curtin University has a set of values and a related Code of Conduct that can be referred to. Additionally, CIRA supports the Astronomical Society of Australia Code of Ethics and the Engineers Australia Code of Ethics.

ASA Pleiades Awards

The Pleiades Awards recognise organisations in Australian astronomy that take active steps to advance the careers of women and are bestowed by the ASA Chapter for Women in Astronomy to organisations that demonstrate a strong commitment to the aims of the Chapter. CIRA currently holds a Bronze Award and is working to improve on this in the next round in 2016. You can download the Pleiades Awards Bronze logo for use in presentations, etc.

Annual Leave, Personal Care Leave, and Work Expectations

Curtin provides 20 days (150 hours) of annual leave per year and 15 days (105 hours) of personal care leave per year for staff, and students can coordinate leave through their supervisor. At other times, staff and students are expected to be working at Brodie Hall, unless prior arrangements have been made and approved by your line manager/supervisor and the directors. Refer to our Work Expectations page for details on how to book leave, and for a summary of the expectations regarding working in your office at Brodie Hall. Queries should be directed to cira.admin*at*

Taking private days on work trips

Due to Australian rules on Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), Curtin University limits the number of private days you can take during a work trip before expecting you to contribute to the cost of that trip. Here are the details.

Best practice concerning diversity, inclusion and equity at CIRA

Recruitment at CIRA

The Development Committee has collaborated with the Directors to create two “cheat-sheets” that include excerpts from the Curtin policies to ensure an unbiased approach towards employee selection during the hiring process.

Excerpts from Curtin University policies on recruitment and diversity: This cheat-sheet is specifically for those CIRA staff members seeking to hire new staff. It includes excerpts from Curtin policies in order to minimise bias throughout the entire hiring process, including the initial short-list selection, the choice of panel members, the interviews, and the final candidate selection.

Recruitment selection panel "Cheat-Sheet": Specific Curtin policy excerpts for the selection panel to keep in mind during the interview and final selection process.

Reference-letter writing

Job-hiring and reference-writing resources: This document provides guidance for writing reference letters, but also covers topics (such as unconscious bias) that are worth consideration by a broad audience.

Career Development

We'll try to highlight internal & external awards that CIRA staff or students might be eligible for as a way to improve career development. We'll also try to keep you informed of Curtin University courses that might help. See our list of useful links.

New to CIRA?

Family Matters

CIRA endeavours to be a family and parent friendly employer. Room 165 in Brodie Hall (building 610) is available to mothers as a private room that is suitable for breastfeeding and expressing (the room contains a powerpoint and a courtesy lock). A nappy changing station can be found in the unisex toilet adjacent to the kitchen near reception.

LGBTI Matters

Mia Walker is a Curtin Ally for supporting LGBTIQ+ inclusion at Curtin. She says “the Curtin Ally training was excellent, I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their awareness about the issues surrounding LGBTIQ+ people and helping everyone feel safe and comfortable to be their true selves in the workplace”

Some information and links on LGBTI issues.

What did we talk about?

Summary of meetings available here: minutes


Links to various papers and articles: literature

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