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Crazy Ideas Day 2018

CIRA Executive Director Steven Tingay hosted a talk session to allow ICRAR-Curtin personnel to present ideas in science and engineering that could be used in the planning process for ICRAR-3.

The session was held in Seminar 3, Function Centre, Technology Park, Tuesday 14th August 2018, 9am-4pm.


Time Topic Presenters Slides
9:15am Arrival, opening address by CIRA Executive Director Steven Tingay
9:20am Multi-messenger Astronomy (15mins presentation + 5mins discussion) Gemma Anderson 1_ga_multi-messenger.pptx
9:40am What can we add to the search for the source of HE neutrinos? (15mins presentation + 5mins discussion) Clancy James 2_cj_neutrinos_09_40.pdf
10:00am Building a 3-D array of omnidirectional antennas on Earth to test imaging with Moon-orbiting satellites (10 mins presentation + 5 mins discussion) Ben McKinley 3_bm_panda.pdf
10:15am Cosmic ray transition radiation detection (5mins presentation + 5mins discussion) Clancy James 4_cj_cosmic_ray_10_15.pdf
10:25am Morning Tea
10:45am Noise coupling in MWA and EDA and removal of noise coupling in dense correlating array, & Electromagnetic compatibility measurement for low frequency radio astronomy (15mins total in presentation + 10mins discussion) Daniel Ung, Budi Juswardy & Adrian Sutinjo 5_du_as_bj_engineering_research_icrariii.pptx
11:10am Merits of adding longer baselines to the MWA (10mins presentation + 5mins discussion) Rajan Chhetri 6_rc_long-baseline_mwa.pptx
11:25am Phased array transmitter for SSA and cubesat communications (15mins presentation + 5mins discussion) Randall Wayth, John Kennewell 7_rw_phasedarraytransmitterproject.pdf
11:45am The Formation and Evolution of Black Holes Across Cosmic Time (10mins presentation + 5mins discussion) Nick Seymour 8_ns.pptx
12:00pm Space Weather Opportunities (10mins presentation + 5mins discussion) John Morgan, Adrian Sutinjo, Jean-Pierre Macquart 9_jm_space_weather_icrar3.pptx
12:15pm Australia and eROSITA: comparing the deepest all-sky X-ray survey to the Southern Radio Sky (10 mins presentation + 5 mins discussion) Gemma Anderson, James Miller-Jones 10_ga_erosita.pptx
12:30pm Lunch
1:15pm Survey Synergies (10mins presentation + 5 mins discussion) Natasha Hurley-Walker 11_nhw_slides.pdf
1:30pm Using the MWA to study molecular lines and polarisation (5mins presentation + 5mins discussion) Chenoa Tremblay 12_ctre_spectral_lines.pptx
1:40pm Automatic real-time and off-line pipelines for low-frequency sky monitoring and variability searches on MWA data (transients, FRBs, GRBs, flares and whatever else is out there) (10mins presentation + 5 mins discussion) Marcin Sokolowski 13_ms_ideas.pdf
1:55pm CHASE: A Commensal Hunt and Search for Emission from pulsating/bursting/rotating/intermittent/sporadic sources with the MWA (10mins presentation + 5mins discussion) Ramesh Bhat, Brian Crosse, Ian Morrison 14_rb.pptx
2:10pm Custom Correlator to Support FRB Detection with MWA (5mins presentation + 5mins discussion) Ian Morrison 17_im_-_interferometric_frb.pptx
2:20pm Crowd-sourcing machine learning solutions (and other forms of analysis) for public MWA data, with an example drawn from pulsar science (10mins presentation + 5mins discussion) Sammy McSweeney 16_smc_crowdsourcing.pdf
2:35pm Wide-field Interferometric Detection of Wideband Modulated Signals (10mins presentation + 5mins discussion) Ian Morrison 15_im_-_cyclic_imaging.pptx
2:50pm Afternoon Tea
3:10pm Opportunities for Industry Engagement (10mins presentation + 5 mins discussion) James Buchan 18_jb.pdf
3:25pm Q & A session & Closing by CIRA Executive Director Steven Tingay
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