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Student Talk + Journal Club, Roster of Speakers

For information on what to do when presenting, see the instructions page.

Please note the starting time: 11:45am.

NEW Format: Announcement (15min) + Student talk (20-40min) + Journal Club (15+15min)

== Student talks ==
See the CIRA student form.
6-month (Candidacy): 20min+10min questions
12-month: short paper review (10+10min) - paper outside immediate expertise field (THEME DOES NOT APPLY)
18-month: PhD review 20min+10min questions
24-month: short paper review (10+10min) - paper outside immediate expertise field (THEME DOES NOT APPLY)
30-month: PhD review 20min+10min questions

== Coming themes for the journal club session == ONLY apply to Journal Club (2nd speaker)
2017B: Small scale magnetic fields, Low-frequency radio observation techniques, Monitoring-Time-domain astronomy, Large scale ISM/dust properties, Accretion discs/jets (cancelled) 2018A: Accretion discs/jets connection,

If you or someone you know isn't getting Journal Club announcements and would like to, a Google Group has been set up here you can join: JC-Group.

2018 Journal Club Roster - August to December
Date talk type Speaker Title pdf Theme JC paper JC reviewer
Aug 06 IceCube extragalactic neutrinos detection Clancy James
Aug 13 Candidacy Alex Williamson
Aug 15 Wed Candidacy Jaiverdhan
Aug 20 Candidacy Brendan Hennessy
Aug 27 18 Month review Bach Neuyen
Sep 03
Sep 10 30 Month review Bradley Meyers
Sep 17 30 Month review Sammy Mcsweeney Nicholas Swainston
Sep 24 Public Holiday
Oct 01 paper review Adrian Sutinjo
Oct 08 Candidacy Re-talk Seema Morab
Oct 15 Thesis completion Daniel climate survey review Richard Plotkin
Oct 22 18 Month review Pikky Atri WPPR review Richard Plotkin
Oct 29 JC Paper review Ronnie
Nov 05 paper review Randall Wayth
Nov 12 paper review Marcin Sokolowski
Nov 19 Candidacy Torrance
Nov 26 Candidacy Mike paper review Ian Morrison
Dec 03 18 Month review Dilpreet Kaur
Dec 10 18 Month review Bella
Dec 17
2018 Journal Club Roster February to June
Date talk type Speaker Title pdf Theme JC paper JC reviewer
Feb 05 Accretion disc/jet connection Guillaume Drouart
Feb 12 progress talk Sammy McSweeney Squeezing higher time resolution out of the MWA for pulsar science Steven Murray
Feb 19
Feb 26 Inter-Theme
Mar 05 Inter-Theme Marcin Sokolowski
Mar 12 paper review Hongquan Su Estimating the mass of the Milky Way using the ensemble of classical satellite galaxies Supernovae Ben McKinley
Mar 19 paper review Bach Nguyen An overview of sustainable green 5G networks Paper Chris Jordan
Mar 26 Clancy James H2020 EU project meeting summary (reported 16 April)
Apr 02 Public Holiday
Apr 09 18-month review Ronniy Joseph HII regions Cath Trott
Apr 16 Clancy James H2020 EU project meeting summary Ramesh Bhat
Apr 23 paper review Pikki Atri A density cusp of quiescent X-ray binaries in the central parsec of the Galaxy Rich Plotkin
Apr 30 Steven Tingay Our University at a glance: comments on the present and future Inter-Theme
May 07 paper review Dilpreet Kaur Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Engineering Budi Juswardy
May 14 30-month review Mengyao Xue Southern Pulsar Census and Polarimetric Studies with the MWA Beam pattern normalization: Method, silmulation and results Daniel Ung
May 21 The connection between radio astronomy and your portable magic devices. Randall Wayth
May 28 paper review Bradley Meyers Detection of Reflection Features in the Neutron Star Low-Mass X-ray Binary Serpens X-1 with NICER Inter-Theme
Jun 04 Public Holiday
Jun 11 Bella Nasirudin (Super)winds
Jun 18 Candidacy Seema Morab Rajan Chhetri
Jun 25
2017 Journal Club Roster August to December
Date talk type Speaker Title pdf Theme JC paper JC reviewer
Aug 14 30-month review Vlad Tudor Searching for black holes in globular clusters Slides Small scale magnetic fields Nick Seymour
Aug 21 18-month review Brad Meyers Sporadic pulsar emission at low frequencies Slides Paul Hancock
Aug 28 Candidacy Bach Nguyen Removal of Radio-frequency Interference (RFI) from Terrestrial Broadcast Stations in the Murchison Widefield Array Slides Clancy James
Sep 04 30-month review Ryan Urquhart Exploring regimes of super-Eddington accretion in black hole binaries Slides Low frequency radio observation techniques Guillaume Drouart
Sep 11 Gemma Anderson
Sep 18 Progress Hongquan Su Galactic synchrotron emissivity measured with the GLEAM survey Slides Sarah White
Oct 02 18-month review Sammy McSweeney 3D Tomography of Pulsar Magnetospheres zip
Oct 09 Candidacy Pikki Atri Black hole formation and natal kicks Slides Monitoring, time domain astronomy Steven Tremblay
Oct 16 Short paper review Mengyao Xue Dust in Clusters: Separating the contribution of galaxies and ICM Chris Jordan
Oct 23 Short paper review Ronniy Joseph The environment of the SN-less GRB 111005A at z = 0.0133 GW170817 John Morgan
Oct 30 Final review Qingzang Yan Molecular Clouds and Star Formation in the Milky Way
Nov 06 Short paper review Chenoa Tremblay Origin of the heavy elements in binary neutron-star mergers from a gravitational wave event Large scale ISM/dust properties Ben McKinley
Nov 13 18-month review James Buchan postponed to next semester Charlotte Sobey
Nov 20 Final review Xiang Zhang Meteors and space debris from the MWA Slides
Nov 27 Candidacy Rene Baelemans Co-Design of Wideband Polarization-Agile Phased-Array Antennas and Low-Noise Amplifiers for the Next Generation Radio-Telescopes Slides MWA Archive and Systems Update: Everything you wanted to know about what is going on behind the scenes but were afraid to ask! and Upcoming MWA data pipeline changes and the new correlator Grep Sleap/Brian Crosse
Dec 04 Candidacy Dilpreet Kaur Tracking Interstellar space weather towards timing array millisecond pulsars Slides Accretion discs/jets - cancelled
Dec 11 Progress talk Daniel Ung
Dec 17 Candidacy Bella Nasirudin moved to 5 Dec 11am

2017 Journal Club Roster February to June
Date Leader Title Paper Slides
Feb 6 Charlotte Sobey Gaia Slides
Feb 13 Greg Rowbotham, Kirsten Gottschalk Outreach with ICRAR
Feb 20 Sam McSweeney Pulsar Polarisation: The Rotating Vector Model and its Descendants
Feb 27 Xiang Zhang Proxima Centauri b: discovery and habitability Slides
Mar 6 Sarah White Accretion and Star Formation in Radio-Quiet Quasars Slides
Mar 13 Hongquan Su 30 Month Review: Diffuse synchrotron emission distribution in the Milky Way
Mar 20 Ronniy Joseph Probing the Epoch of Reionisation with Hybrid Arrays (Candidacy talk) Slides
Mar 27 Richard Plotkin The Quiescent Black Hole Fundamental Plane
Apr 3 Jean-Pierre Macquart Strongly baryon-dominated disk galaxies at the peak of galaxy formation ten billion years ago
Apr 10 Ian (Qingzeng) Yan Is the Stellar Initial Mass Function (IMF) Universal?
Apr 17 Public Holiday No Talk
Apr 24 Ryan Urquhart New, mysterious high-energy transient discovered
May 1 Chenoa Tremblay 18 month Review:Molecular Lines at Low Frequencies Slides
May 8 Vlad Tudor Hunting for the historical Nova Sco 1437
May 15 Wayne Arcus Candidacy Talk: Fast Radio Bursts as Cosmic Probes
May 22 Bradley Meyers Malfunctioning pulsars Slides
May 29 Mengyao Xue 18 Month Review: A Southern Pulsar Census with the MWA
June 5 Public Holiday No Talk
June 12 Paul Hancock Factors that affect the physical science career interest of female students Slides
June 19 Steven Murray Between Wedge and Window: An Improved Point-Source Foreground Model for the EoR
June 25 Daniel Ung Noise Measurement of EDA LNA Slides

Previous Journal Club Information.

2016 Journal Club Roster August-December
Date Leader Title Paper Slides
Aug 1 George Heald A High-Velocity Cloud Impact Forming a Supershell in the Milky Way Slides
Aug 8 Bradley Meyers Candidacy Talk: Intermittent Emission phenomena from Radio Pulsars Slides
Aug 15 Guillaume Drouart Clustering Based Redshift Estimation:Method and Application Slides
Aug 22 Sammy McSweeney Candidacy Talk: Investigating Emission Mechanism by Mapping Pulsar Magnetospheres in Three Dimensions Slides
Aug 29 Wiebke Ebeling & Rebecca Lange Science Careers & Options Part2 Part1
Sept 5 Paul Hancock Open Science: What? but why? ok! how? Slides
Sept 12 Chenoa Tremblay Influence of Stellar flares on the Chemical Composition of Exoplanets and Spectra Slides
Sept 19 Richard Plotkin The edge of quasar physics Slides
Sept 26 *No Talk* *Queen's Birthday*
Oct 3 Daniel Ung The realization of a vertically stacked zero-spacing interferometer ('pre-candidacy talk') Slides
Oct 10 Haihua Qiao PhD Summary Slides
Oct 17 Mingyao Xue Comparing the interstellar extinction curves of the Milky Way, LMC and SMC Slides
Oct 24 Ian (Qingzeng) Yan PhD 1 Year Review - 3D Structure of the Galactic Centre Slides
Oct 31 Xiang Zhang PhD 1 Year Review - Radio emission from fireballs Slides
Nov 7 Vlad Tudor Ultra-compact X-ray binaries in globular clusters Slides
Nov 14 James Buchan Low Electromagnetic Interference Photovoltaic Power System Design for the SKA-low Slides
Nov 21 Hongquan Su An Improved Model of Diffuse Galactic Radio Emission from 10 MHz to 5 THz Slides
Nov 28 Ryan Urquhart The only good pulsar is a super-Eddington pulsar Slides
Dec 5 Steven Murray Next-generation tools for next-generation surveys Slides
Dec 12 Wayne Arcus FRBs as cosmic probes Slides
Dec 19 Wiebke Ebeling CAASTRO planetarium show

2016 Journal Club Roster January-June
Date Leader Title Paper Slides
Feb 1 John Morgan Measurements of Interplanetary Scintillation with the Murchison Widefield Array
Feb 8 Steven Murray Simplifying the Halo Mass Function
Feb 15 Jean-Pierre Macquart Fast Radio Bursts: source counts
Feb 22 Vlad Tudor 1-Year Review: Searching for black holes in globular clusters
Feb 29 Matt Ryan, Callum Wood & Alex Guest CIRA Summer Student Talks
Mar 7 Chenoa Tremblay Advanced data visualization in astrophysics: the x3d pathway
Mar 14 Balwinder Arora Ph.D. Summary
Mar 21 Sam McSweeney The Spark-Gap Model: the grandfather of pulsar emission models
Mar 28 – Easter Holiday – – no talk –
Apr 4 Natasha Hurley-Walker GLEAM Extragalactic Catalogue
Apr 11 Hongquan Su Galactic synchrotron emission with cosmic ray propagation models
Apr 18 Ryan Urquhart 1-Year Review
Apr 25 – ANZAC Day – – no talk –
May 2 Mengyao Xue Candidacy Talk
May 9 Qingzeng Yan Candidacy Talk
May 16 Xiang Zhang Candidacy Talk slides

2015 Journal Club Roster July-December
Date Leader Title Slides
Aug 10 Marcin Sokolowski The impact of the ionosphere on ground-based detection of the global Epoch of Reionisation PDF
Aug 17 Sam McSweeney Honours presentation: Searching for Pulsars in 47 Tucanae with the MWA PDF
Aug 24 None
Aug 31 Ryan Urquhart Pre-Candidacy presentation: A systematic survey of ultraluminous X-ray sources PDF
Sep 7 Hongquan Su Mapping the Galaxy in 3D using observations of HII region absorption with the MWA PDF
Sep 14 Paul Hancock The GLEAM survey PDF
Sep 21 Nick Seymour Galaxy Formation at the Crossroads of the Universe PDF
Sep 28 Chenoa Tremblay Pre-Candidacy presentation: A search for complex molecules with the MWA PDF
Oct 5 Chris Jordan MALT-45: A 7mm survey of the southern Galaxy PDF
Oct 12 Gemma Anderson Robotic Transient Science with AMI: The first unbiased radio catalogue of Swift GRBs PDF
Oct 19 Franz Kirsten About luck and effort in the hunt for FRBs PDF
Oct 26 Sarah White Radio-Quiet Quasars in the VIDEO Survey: Evidence for AGN-powered radio emission below 1 mJy PDF
Nov 2 Ramesh Bhat PSR J0453+1559's companion: the lightest neutron star?
Nov 9 - No Journal Club - Pro Vice-Chancellor for Science and Engineering Visit
Nov 16 Rich Plotkin Black Holes in Quiescence: The Decline of the 2015 Outburst of V404 Cygni
Nov 23 Tom Franzen Using GLEAM to unravel the nature of the low-frequency radio source population PDF
Nov 30 Balwinder Arora On using GPS data to calibrate the MWA ionosphere
Dec 7 Haihua Qiao Unusual shock-excited OH maser emission in a young Planetary Nebula
Dec 14 Cath Trott

2015 Journal Club Roster January-June
Date Leader Title Slides
Feb 9 Franz Kirsten From Astrometry to Scintillometry
Feb 16 Hongquan Su Pre-Candidacy presentation: Mapping the Galaxy in 3D using observations of H II region absorption with the MWA
Feb 23 Franz Schlagenhaufer EMC/EMI/RFI and the SKA
Mar 2 Andrew Walsh Structure and Dynamics and the Centre of the Milky Way
Mar 9 Steve Tremblay Evidence of Gender Bias in Astronomy (
Mar 16 Randall Wayth Polarization leakage in Epoch of Reionization windows: I. LOFAR observations of the 3C196 field (
Mar 23 Adrian Sutinjo Early Exploration in Multi-Source Calibration at Single Antenna-to-Antenna Level for AAVS1
Mar 30 Haihua Qiao Pre-Candidacy presentation: Accurate OH maser positions from SPLASH
Apr 13 Rakesh Nath Exploring Cosmological evolution through wavelets
Apr 20 Budi Juswardy Radio-frequency-over-fibre Link for LFAA Front-end Signal Transport: Field Tests Results, Analysis & Evaluation
May 4 Paul Hancock Getting it right: Radio Variability
May 11 Tom Russell
May 18 Steve Ord
May 25 Roberto Soria
Jun 1 Cath Trott
Jun 8 Laurens Bakker
Jun 15 Jean-Pierre Macquart
Jun 22 Tom Franzen
Jun 29 Marcin Sokolowski

2014 Journal Club Roster July-December
Date Leader Title Slides
Jul 28 Tom Franzen The AT20G-deep pilot survey: exploring the high-radio-frequency source population
Aug 4 James Miller-Jones Low-mass X-ray binaries/millisecond radio pulsars showing transitions between accretion and rotation-powered phases (,,,
Aug 11 Tom Russell Big Data Analytics in India
Aug 18 Tim Colegate Antenna array characterisation of AAVS 0.5 via interferometric observation
Aug 25 Budi Juswardy Radio-frequency-over-fibre link for LFAA receiver front-end signal transport: Feasibility & Field Test
Sep 1 Peter Curran The evolving polarised jets of stellar-mass black holes
Sep 8 Randall Wayth Confusion in MWA images: the last chapter
Sep 15 John Morgan Science goes to Hollywood: what MOOCs can teach us about mass science communication and the future of higher education
Sep 22 Owen Giersch Monitoring and Effects of Solar Microwave Bursts
Sep 29 Jean-Pierre Macquart Review of “The Laniakea supercluster of galaxies” (
Oct 6 Roberto Soria Review of “A massive galaxy in its core formation phase three billion years after the Big Bang” (
Oct 13 Ramesh Bhat The first real-time fast radio burst
Oct 20 Steve Tremblay The Big World of Small Motions
Oct 27 Cath Trott The MWA Epoch of Reionisation Project
Nov 3 Franz Schlagenhaufer CANCELLED
Nov 10 Nick Seymour CANCELLED
Nov 17 Adrian Sutinjo Complex Gain Calibration of Hybrid Low-Frequency Aperture Arrays: AAVS & MWA
Nov 24 Steve Ord Tied-array beamforming for the MWA
Dec 1 Marcin Sokolowski Searching for the global EoR with BIGHORNS
Dec 8 Andrew Walsh Structure and Dynamics and the Centre of the Milky Way
Dec 15 Samuel Oronsaye Coincident detections of the Crab giant pulses

2014 Journal Club Roster January-June
Date Leader Title Slides
Feb 3 Franz Schlagenhaufer EMC/RFI requirements and assessment procedures for the MRO and the SKA project
Feb 10 Wiebke Ebeling An update on WALLABY - a study in the optical
Feb 17 Ramesh Bhat First millisecond pulsar detection with the MWA
Feb 24 Roberto Soria Bursty synchrotron intensity variations of Jovian 6-cm radio emissions and Jupiter's quasi-periodic polar activities ( )
Mar 3 Steven Tingay Ultra Low Surface Brightness Imaging with the Dragonfly Telephoto Array” by Abraham & van Dokkum (
Mar 10 Natasha Hurley-Walker The Murchison Widefield Array Commissioning Survey
Mar 17 Andrew Williams A brief history of Gravitational Microlensing
Mar 24 Steve Ord BICEP2 I: Detection of B-mode polarization at degree angular scales
Mar 31 Andrew Walsh Beer in space
Apr 7 Balwinder Ionospheric Faraday Rotation computation and calibration regime for MWA 128
Apr 14 Jean-Pierre Macquart Whence the FRBs?
Apr 28 Cath Trott “Fast Radio Burst Discovered in the Arecibo Pulsar ALFA Survey” by Spitler et al. (
May 5 Carole Jackson CIRA internal discussions
May 12 Steven Tingay, Peter Hall, James Miller-Jones, Cath Trott, Adrian Sutinjo, Tom Booler ICRAR Visiting Committee presentations
May 19 Carole Jackson CIRA internal discussions
May 26 Paul Hancock Background and noise estimation in the pursuit of better source characterisation
Jun 2 Tom Russell Active massive black holes in dwarf galaxies (,
Jun 9 Sam Oronsaye How broad is the broad-band emission from the giant pulses?
Jun 16 Chittawan Choeysakul Characterisation and Design of a Reverberation Chamber for Electromagnetic Emission Measurements for Radio Astronomy Applications
Jun 23 Cormac Reynolds RadioASTRON
Jun 30 Divya Palaniswamy A search for Fast Radio Bursts associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts

2013 Journal Club Roster July-December
Date Leader Paper Slides
Jul 22 James Miller-Jones
Jul 29 Tim Colegate
Aug 5 Hayley Bignall
Aug 12 Andrew Walsh
Aug 19 Steven Tingay
Aug 26 Nadia Kudryavtseva
Sep 2 Cath Trott
Sep 9 Hayden Rampadarath
Sep 16 Shantanu Padhi
Sep 23 Steven Tremblay
Sep 30 Roberto Soria
Oct 7 Peter Curran
Oct 14 Randall Wayth
Oct 21 J-P Macquart
Oct 28 Divya Palaniswamy
Nov 4 Wiebke Ebeling
Nov 11 Chittawan Choeysakul
Nov 18 Peter Hall
Nov 25 Balwinder
Dec 2 Tom Russell
Dec 9 Marcin Sokolowski

2013 Journal Club Roster January-June
Date Leader Paper Slides
Jan 21 Roberto Soria On Cas A, Cassini, Comets, and King Charles
Jan 28 Australia Day holiday NO TALK
Feb 4 Mark Waterson
Feb 11 Andrew Walsh
Feb 18 Budi Juswardy
Feb 25 Adrian Sutinjo/Peter Hall
Mar 4 Divya Palaniswamy
Mar 11 Hayden Rampadarath
Mar 18 Randall Wayth
Mar 25 Cath Trott
Apr 1 Public holiday NO TALK
Apr 8 John Morgan
Apr 15 J-P Macquart
Apr 22 James Miller-Jones
Apr 29 Natasha Hurley-Walker
May 6 Steve Tremblay So you want to observe the EoR Global Signal
May 13 Chittawan Choeysakul
May 20 Marcin Sokolowski
May 27 Cormac Reynolds
Jun 3 Peter Curran
Jun 10 Oronsaye Samuel
Jun 17 Brian Crosse
Jun 25 Tom Russell

2012 Journal Club Roster July-December
Date Leader Paper Slides
Jul 16 Nadia Kudryavtseva A blind MWA transient search in the Pictor A field
Jul 23 No talk
Jul 30 Adrian Sutinjo
Aug 6 Ramesh Bhat
Aug 13 Hayley Bignall
Aug 20 Marcin Sokolowski
Aug 27 Randall Wayth Confused about Confusion
Sep 3 Kirsten Gottschalk MWA Student Army
Sep 10 John Morgan Braun 2009; Braun 2012
Sep 17 Peter Curran
Sep 24 Cath Trott Short spacing problem for the EoR
Oct 1 James Miller-Jones Looking for black holes in globular clusters
Oct 8 Wiebke Ebeling
Oct 15 Steve Ord
Oct 22 Roberto Soria
Oct 29 Leith Godfrey The “Missing Pressure Problem” and energetics of FRI radio galaxies
Nov 5 Geoff Bower Colloquium
Nov12 Tom Russell Narayan & McClintock 2012
Nov 19 Cody Gough and Kyran Williamson
Nov 26
Dec 3 Anna Kapinska Low-frequency VLBI
Dec 10 Samuel Oronsaye Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Based Global Model for Ionospheric Propagation Factor (M(3000)F2) Prediction

2012 Journal Club Roster January-June
Date Leader Paper Slides
Jan 16 J-P Using the bi-spectrum to detect transients
Jan 23 James Miller-Jones The disc-jet connection in black hole X-ray binaries
Jan 30 Shane Walsh Segue 3: The Faintest Globular Cluster in the World
Feb 6 Robert Duffin Type III-L Solar Radio Bursts and their Associations with Solar Energetic Proton Events
Feb 13 Summer Students Various Topics
Feb 20 Wiebke Ebeling CAASTRO outreach & the demographics of Social Media
Feb 27 Leith Godfrey TBA
Mar 5 Jean-Pierre Macquart
Mar 12 Natasha Hurley-Walker MWA problem solving
Mar 19 Steven Tremblay VIPS CSOs: Observing Parsec-scale Radio Galaxies with the VLBA
Mar 26 Cath Trott Impact of point source subtraction residuals on 21cm EoR estimation
Apr 2 Ray Norris (colloquium)
Apr 16 Hannah Feldman/Ben Barrett
Apr 23 Roberto Soria Mysteries of the intermediate mass black hole candidate HLX1
Apr 30 Shantanu Padhi How far is far-field: Basics of Antenna measurements
May 7 Divya Palaniswamy
May 14 John Morgan
May 21 ICRAR student day
May 28 Nadia Kudryavtseva A blind MWA transient search in the Pictor A field
Jun 4 Franz Schlagenhaufer
Jun 11 Hayley Bignall The MASIV Survey
Jun 18
Jun 25

2011 Journal Club Roster July-December
Date Leader Paper Slides
Jul 18 Steven Chang et al - An intensity map of hydrogen 21-cm emission at redshift z~0.8
Jul 25 John Kennewell An overview of the 2011 ASA meeting
Aug 1 Hayley Bignall Stewart et al - A multiple-beam CLEAN for imaging intra-day variable radio sources
Aug 8 Kirsten Gottschalk ICRAR Outreach
Aug 15 Owen Giersch Colak & Qahwaji - Automated McIntosh-Based Classification of Sunspot Groups Using MDI Images
Aug 22 Steve Ord Demorest - Cyclic Spectral Analysis of Pulsars
Aug 29 Hayden Rampadarath Hanny's Voorwerp- a story in 4 papers (Lintott et al. 2009, Jozsa et al. 2009, Rampadarath et al. 2010, Schawinski et al. 2010)
Sep 5 Wiebke Ebeling Transformation of a Science Paper into a Diamond Planet - for the paper and for the press release including a link to the video
Sep 12 Phil Crosby Success Indicators for Science/Engineering Mega-projects
Sep 19 Ron Ekers Benefits of Research Infrastructures beyond Science - The Example of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA)
Sep 26 Roberto Soria Star formation and death in a spiral galaxy
Oct 3 Natasha Hurley-Walker The Arcminute Microkelvin Imager
Oct 10 Alexander Nemchin Time series in geochronology: is there a chance that astronomers know how to treat geochronological data?
Oct 17 James Miller-Jones Resolving the jets of Circinus X-1 with Very Long Baseline Interferometry
Oct 24 Danny Price Digital Instrumentation for Radio Astronomy
Oct 31 J-P On the performance of RM synthesis
Nov 7 Natasha Hurley-Walker “Directional Calibration of the CROME Experiment” (Felix Werner)
Nov 14 Prof Atsushi Mase Microwave Reflectometric Measurement of Biological Signals
Nov 21 Franz Schlagenhaufer EMC
Nov 28 Aziz Jiwani “Active antenna development for the SKA”
Dec 5 John Goldsmith
Dec 12 Nathan Clarke “A Power Analysis for Incoherent Dedispersion” PDF

2011 Journal Club Roster January-June
Date Leader Paper Slides
Jan 17
Jan 24
Jan 31 A/Prof Patrick Alan Woudt, Department of Astronomy, University of Cape Town Colloquium: Transients with MeerKAT and SALT
Feb 7 Nadia K Kepler results
Feb 14 Randall W The VLBA fast transients project (V-FASTR) Project overview Detection algorithms
Feb 21 Aziz J SMOS:The payload SMOS: The Payload, by McMullan et al.
Feb 28 Nathan C FPGA Implementations of Fast Transient Detectors: The Tardis & Hotrod Systems slides
Mar 7 Jan Geralt BDV The Square Kilometre Array - Can ICRAR rescue the project?
Mar 14
Mar 21 John G An Overview of Australian Aboriginal Ethnoastronomy An overview of Australian Aboriginal Ethnoastronomy
Mar 28 Clancy James (short-term visitor) Colloquium - to be advised
Apr 4 various PhD student presentations
Apr 11 John Kennewell Predicting the Sunspot Cycle scf-hathaway.pdf, sc24-pesnell.pdf
Apr 18 Luis G V M Modeling mm to X-flare emission from Sgr A*
May 2 Aquib M Sw 1644+57 / GRB 110328A: A remarkable cosmological event
May 9 Jan Geralt BDV Engineering Aperture Arrays: The AA Concept Design Review (and how ICRAR will save the SKA project)
May 16 J-P Macquart Some Issues Related to Fast Transients
May 23 Leith G Review of “Hot and Cold Gas Accretion and Feedback in radio-loud active galaxies” Hardcastle et al. (2007)
May 30 Cormac R to be advised
June 6 bye
June 13 Cath T A Method for 21cm Power Spectrum Estimation in the Presence of Foregrounds
June 20 John M The VLBA Galactic Plane Survey – VGAPS
June 27 bye

2010 Journal Club Roster January-June
Date Leader Paper Slides
Jan 11 Danny Price (Oxford PhD candidate) Guest talk: Armstrong et al - A Digital Broadband Beamforming Architecture for 2-PAD
Jan 18 Aziz Instrumentation: Lazio et al - Technology Development for the Lunar Radio Array
Feb 8 David H. Calibration: Ground-based IR observations of an exoplanet
Feb 15
Feb 22 Bruce Stansby Test for Early VLBI on an ASKAP Antenna
March 1 Claire Hotan Making Meaning with Math in Physics: A semantic analysis PDF
March 8 Hayley Bignall Kanekar et al. - Probing fundamental constant evolution with neutral atomic gas lines PDF
Mar 15 Aidan Hotan Kontorovich - On high brightness temperature of pulsar giant pulses PDF
Mar 22 Mark Waterson Protecting Applications Against Heisenbugs PDF
Mar 29 Jeff Hodgson Interplanetary scintillation and its relation to the angular structure of radio sources
Apr 12 Rodrigo Garcia & Ben Hug Rodrigo: A novel ocean color index to detect floating algae in the global oceans
Ben: The influence of a novel transmission detector on 6 MV x-ray beam characteristics
Apr 19 Randall Wayth Dark stars: A new look at the first stars in the universe
May 3 Ben Kneuss Particle decoration in super critical fluid to improve the hydrogen sorption cyclability of magnesium
May 10 TBA
May 17 Timothy Young & Jeremy Savage Tim: Simultaneous Single Pulse Observations of Radio Pulsars
Jeremy: Measurements of positron scattering by hydrogen, alkali metal, and other atoms
May 24 J-P Macquart Gravitation: Verlinde - On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton
May 31 Tiffany Fouche & Tom Russell Tiffany: Satellite observations of convective storm tops in the 1.6, 3.7 and 3.9 micron spectral bands
Tom: Gravitational-Wave Detection Using Pulsars: Status of the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array Project
June 14 TBA
June 21 Franz Schlagenhaufer Digital Computer Solutions of Electromagnetic Transients in Single- and Multiphase Networks
2010 Journal Club Roster July-December
July 12 Owen Giersch Automated Detection of Filaments and Their Disappearance Using Full-Disc Hα Images
July 19 ICRAR Intellectual Property Seminar N/A
July 26 Mick Todd The Population of Near-Earth Asteroids in Coorbital Motion with the Earth
Aug 2 James Miller-Jones No evidence for black hole spin powering of jets in X-ray binaries
Aug 9 John Morgan Fundamental Imaging Limits of Radio Telescope Arrays
Aug 16 Hayley Bignall The Allen Telescope Array Twenty-centimeter Survey—A 690 deg2, 12 Epoch Radio Data Set. I. Catalog and Long-duration Transient Statistics
Aug 30 Damien Macpherson Honours JC: A Review of Astronomy Education Research
Sep 6 Mark Zammit Honours JC: Calculation of electron-helium scattering
Sep 20 Kranav Sharma Pulsars: Camilo, Thorsett & Kulkarni - The magnetic fields, ages, and original spin periods of millisecond pulsars
Oct 4 Hayley Bignall, Mark Waterson Conference Review and R&S Instrument demo
Oct 11 Rick Perley (NRAO) Colloquium The Expanded Very Large Array
Oct 25 Arwin Kahlon & Kevin Koay Honours JC: Harker et al - Power spectrum extraction for redshifted 21-cm Epoch of Reionization experiments: the LOFAR case and AGN: Kovalev et al - The Relation between AGN Gamma-ray Emission and Parsec-scale Radio Jets
Nov 1 2nd semester Honours students Poster presentations (+5min talks) - in room 301.147
Nov 8 Jamie Biggs My recent research - A study of Perth's light pollution
Nov 15 Steven Tingay Titov - Secular aberration drift and IAU definition of International Celestial Reference System Requires Curtin log in
Nov 22 TBA TBA
Nov 29 Shantanu Padhi Fhager, Padhi & Howard - 3D Image Reconstruction in Microwave Tomography Using an Efficient FDTD Model in the seminar room only in 610
Dec 6 Leith Godfrey Croton et al - The many lives of active galactic nuclei: cooling flows, black holes and the luminosities and colours of galaxies and Erratum
Dec 13 Arwin Kahlon Arwin's Christmas Special JC paper

2009 Journal Club Roster January-June
Date Leader Paper
Jan 12 Steven AGN4: Klamer et al - A search for distant radio galaxies from SUMSS and NVSS, pt III
Jan 19 Aidan Pulsars 1: Petrova - Towards explanation of the radio - X-ray correlation in the Vela pulsar
Jan 27 Tim Pulsars 2: 12 noon on 27th Bhat et al - Crab giant pulses with the MWA LFD FPS
Feb 2 Claire Pulsars 3: van Kerkwijk & Ingle - Reconstructing the Guitar: Blowing Bubbles with a pulsar bow shock backflow
Feb 9 Nino, Aquib, Michael Research review
Feb 16 Hayley Galactic Cosmic Rays: Protheroe et al. - Interpretation of radio continuum and molecular line observations of Sgr B2: free-free and synchrotron emission, and implications for cosmic rays
Feb 23 Andrew B HI in galaxies 1: Dwarakanath et al - On the origin of the wide HI absorption line toward SgrA*
March 6 Aquib HI in galaxies 2: McClure-Griffiths et al - The Southern Galactic Plane Survey: HI Observations & Analysis
March 9 Bruce, Owen; Sascha Schediwy Research review; UK aperture array prototyping
Mar 16 Cormac HI in galaxies 3: Curran & Whiting - HI 21-cm absorption and unified schemes of active galactic nuclei
Mar 23 Megan, Andrew Faulkner Masers 1: Impellizzeri et al - A gravitationally lensed water maser in the early universe + visitor's talk
April 6 Julia, Mario Masers 2 & 3: Julia - Hewitt & Yusef-Zadeh - Discovery of new interacting SNR in the inner galaxy, Mario - Watson - Magnetic Fields and the Polarization of Astrophysical MASER Radiation:A Review
April 20 Owen Solar Physics 1: Howard & Simnett - Interplanetary coronal mass ejections that are undetected by solar coronagraphs
April 24 Tim, Andrew B Fri 24th to avoid ANZAC day Research review Tim's presentation
May 4 David +Tim Solar physics 2: Hudson - Unpredictability of the Most Energetic Solar Events
May 11 Merv Solar physics 3: Mitchell, Greenhill, Wayth et al - Real-time Calibration of the Murchison Widefield Array
May 18 Dr John Kennewell Visitor's talk: Orbital Space Debris (please ignore page header!)
May 25 J-P Interstellar medium 1:Walker, Koopmans, Stinebring & van Straten - Interstellar Holography
June 2 Claire, Carlos Research review Note change of date to Tuesday
June 8 Steven Hayley ISM 2 Radio astronomy sociology: Broderick - The Buffalo Syndrome
June 15 Jeff ISM 3: Mangalam et al - The changing ISM of massive elliptical galaxies & cosmic evolution of radio galaxies and quasars
2009 Journal Club Roster July-December
July 13 Aziz Classic papers in radioastronomy: background papers: Dyson - Equiangular Spiral Antenna, Erickson - Lessons learned from Clark Lake, Main Paper: Erickson & Fisher - Wideband Decametric Array at Clark Lake
July 20 Randall Classic papers 2: Bhatnagar et al - Correcting direction-dependent gains in the deconvolution of radio interferometric images, supplementary paper Bhatnagar - Cal'n & im challenges at low RFs: An overview ...
July 27 Bruce Classic papers 3: Hewish - Observation of a Rapidly Pulsating Radio Source
Aug 3 Mick, Julia Research review
Aug 10 Ir. Jan Geralt bij de Vaate (ASTRON) Colloquium: The SKA Aperture Array Verification Program and Related Engineering Research Topics
Aug 17 David E Instrumentation 1: Fisher et al - Phased Array Feeds white paper
Aug 24 Peter Instrumentation 2: Padman - Optical Fundamentals for Array Feeds Veidt - Memo 71: Focal Plane Array Architectures
Aug 31 Mick Instrumentation 3: On William Parsons, Earl of Rosse Lord Oxmantown - An Account of Experiments on the Reflecting Telescope
Sept 14 Kevin + J-P, Hayely Research Review, 5 min talks by research staff on their work
Sept 21 Aziz + Megan, Ron, Aidan, Randall, Merv (John K), Peter Research review, sparkler talks
Oct 5 Brian Sallur, WARO The 9m dish at WARO, Chittering: A brief talk on the history of the MGRO and WARO observatories during the last 30 years. May include presentation of chart recordings of the special solar ULF magnetic energies experiment, featuring a unique magnetic sensor.
Oct 12 John + Ron + ?? Research Review, also see this IYA project announcement; Story behind CSIRO 802.11 media coverage; Sparkler talks (Steven, Cormac, Dave E, Wayne)?
Oct 19 ICRAR meeting ICRAR all hands meeting, 7 Fairway
Oct 26 Prof Alexander Nemchin (WASM) Lunar Geology
Nov 2 Jeff, Luis, Kranav Honours intro talks; research review
Nov 9 Aquib Free choice paper (VLBI science I): Stewart et al - Circinus X-1: A runaway binary with curved radio jets
Nov 16 Mark, Steven Intro & background; Free choice paper (AGN 5):Wang et al - Active Galactic Nuclei with Double-peaked Narrow Lines: Are They Dual AGNs?
Nov 23 CAC students + Tim Activities Review + Free choice paper (Instrumentation 4):DeBoer et al - Australian SKA Pathfinder: A High-Dynamic Range Wide-Field of View Survey Telescope or download the file
Nov 30 Kevin Free choice paper (Instrumentation 5): iVEC link Jester & Falcke - Science with a lunar low-frequency array:... or download paper
Dec 14 Chris, Bob Research Review

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