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Speaker(s) Degree Topic Video Slides
Steven Tingay Welcome & Opening Welcome
Aquib Moin PhD Chasing Circinus X-1 with eVLBI Aquib
Florian Beutler, Aziz Jiwani, Michael Todd PhD Cosmology with the 6dF Galaxy Survey; Conical Spiral Arrays; Transient Astronomy Using the 1-metre Zadko Telescope Florian, Aziz & Mick
Jacinta Delhaize PhD Unveiling the HI Universe with Spectral Stacking Jacinta
Gemma Anderson (USyd) PhD Chasing the Identification of ASCA Galactic Objects Gemma
Toby Potter PhD SN1987A, The Journey Continues… Toby
Claire Hotan Masters Siting a Potential Large Optical Telescope in Australia Claire
Morag Scrimgeour PhD Investigating the Baryonic Tully-Fisher Relation Morag
Jonathan Diaz Masters Modelling the Orbital History of the Magellanic Clouds Jonathan
John Goldsmith PhD Cosmos, Culture and Landscape: Recent Examples of Learning and Sharing Australian Indigenous Astronomical and Sky Knowledge JohnG
Jun Yi (Kevin) Koay PhD Redshift Dependence in AGN Scintillation: IGM Turbulence or Jet Evolution? Kevin
Stefan Westerlund PhD A Parallel Source Finder for Searching Radio Astronomy Images Using High Performance Computing Stefan
Giovanna Zanardo PhD Multi-frequency Radio Observations of Supernova SN1987A Giovanna
Steven Tingay First Science from ASKAP ASKAP
Christopher Conselice The Current State of Galaxy Formation Colloquium
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