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Wiki Help and Usage Guidelines

There is a comprehensive manual available for dokuwiki. There follows links to a couple of the more important parts of the manual that you should look at before editing the wiki. If you just want to practise wiki editing, there is a playground available for this.

The current administrators are Greg Sleap, Andrew Williams, Dave Emrich and Luke Horsley. All four administrators are contactable via the email group: sysadmin -at-

Change Your Password

New users should change the password given to them by the administrator the first time they log in. You do this by clicking 'Update Profile' at the top of any wiki page.

If you have forgotten your password, you must contact the administrator to reset it for you.


If you are new to wikis you should first familiarise yourself with the wiki syntax. Pay particular attention to the section on correct linking to wiki pages, uploaded media and external websites. Practise on the playground


You can upload new media by editing the page then clicking on the button that looks like a picture frame. Note that, as a security measure, only files with prescribed extensions can be uploaded to the wiki, so you may have to rename your file if it does not have a permitted extension. Additional extensions can be enabled by the administrator if necessary. There is also a limit to the maximum size of individual files that can be uploaded (currently about 10 MB).


This wiki contains pages for a number of projects and events that CIRA staff are involved in and has contributors from a number of other institutions.

Project pages are separated into namespaces (essentially directories). This means that pages and associated uploads for a particular project should only be added within the namespace for that project. See the namespaces section of the manual for the syntax. If you are starting a new project, please ask the administrator to create a new namespace for you (and provide a link to it from the start page). In general, new pages should not be created at the top level of the wiki. Ask the administrator if you are not sure where your new pages should go.

Access Control Lists

Each namespace has its own associated access control list (ACL). The default ACL for each namespace is to allow all registered wiki users to edit pages, but some namespaces are restricted to a particular group. If you cannot edit a page on the wiki after logging in, contact the administrator to see if your account is a member of the required group.

Handy Tip

If you do a lot of wiki editing and use the Firefox browser you will probably enjoy the viewsourcewith add-on to Firefox which allows you to edit textboxes with your preferred editor. Google Chrome users can get similar functionality with TextAid

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