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Curtin Radio Engineering Lab

Reference info, plans, reports, and lots more to come…


We support the hardware development needs of the ICRAR engineering projects and student research. Most have links from the main CIRA page, look there first…

The most active lab users at the moment are

Proj 4.1 MWA: (main page) (local wiki) (main twiki, restricted) (latest news & happenings)

Proj 3.2 - SKA Aperture Array Verification:

Proj 3.5 - EoR detection (“Big Horns”)

Conical Log-spiral antennas for the EoR project & SKA-low demonstration - ConeConstruction


We've got Stuff. Lots & Lots of Stuff.

This is the head of the tree, links below, help us keep it up to date if you feel so inclined! The idea is to have a separate page for each device in a hierarchy by class/type - follow the tree for description, support, drivers, manuals, etc.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety OK, you didn't want to see this first, but you _should_ see this first. Lab Safety & Competency Induction is MANDATORY before doing anything. See Jon Tickner for any questions, issues, activity plans, incidents - he's not only the expert, he's the OH&S rep. (keep him onside, and life is easy…)

Remember, that's Health & Safety for all your H&S questions…

Test & Measurement / Instruments

We now have an inventory list and local support pages for the lab instruments and tools. Some items are owned by specific projects, or located at the MRO site, so please consult the nominated “User” for furtehr information in those cases. If your project needs to use a piece of equipment for a defined or extended period you can request that it be booked to you - contact the lab staff.

The lab instruments are divided into categories:


There are several sets of tools, located in strategically placed roll-around tool chests. Use the closest one, and PUT THE TOOLS BACK WHEN YOU ARE DONE!!!! If you can't find something you want or need, ask & we'll do our best to supply it, some things are rarer than others.

For field trips, see Jon or mark - there are travel sets and we'll make up any special needs (please don't take random stuff without letting someone know!)


under construction - eventually we'll have a database, for now you're on your own, forage in the drawers on the north wall. Please help us maintain stock by putting the empty packets (if the parts are in one) in the bin marked “Order me” on the wall by the West entrance (or a note if no pack…)

Lab Infrastructure

RF Screen room - There are 2, one in Physics run by Franz Schlagenhaufer that is certified as an EMC test facility with RF absorbers, and the one in 124, which is just a shielded room.

Printers - several HP printers, including a 24” roll-fed inkjet.

Labrat is a linux PC available in the lab for general control, editing, keeping-an-eye-on-things and so forth. Has a pitifully small disk at the moment, but that will change soon (I promise!). If you need an account, ask…

Benches & storage - mostly from BAC systems

Mark Waterson Aug 2012

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