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CIRA Outreach

If you organise or take part in any astronomy outreach activities, please add a brief description to this page so we can keep a record of what's going on. This makes writing reports for CIRA/ICRAR/Faculty/whoever, much easier. For record-keeping purposes, please also include an estimate of the size of the audience where known. Please also add any interviews, press releases or other contact with the media to this table.

If you don't have a wiki login, either email the maintainers of this wiki, or email the details of your event to sarah [dot] white1 [at] curtin [dot] edu [dot] au.

Previous events can be found here:

Relevant Social Media Channels

Annual events

* AstroFest (24th March 2018)

* National Science Week (11th-19th August 2018)

Past events - 2018

Date Event Description Number of attendees People
10 Jan Space Academy - SciTech Presenter on: “The quest to understand supermassive black holes” Guillaume Drouart
19 Jan Space Academy - SciTech Presenter on: “The quest to understand supermassive black holes” Guillaume Drouart
24 Jan Space Academy - SciTech Presenter on: “The quest to understand supermassive black holes” Guillaume Drouart
28 Jan Space Academy - SciTech Presenter on: “The hunt for the first lights in the Universe” 30-40 Ronniy Joseph
31 Jan Super Blue Blood Moon - Gravity Discovery Centre Telescope wrangling, engaging with public on things visible on the sky 4000 Vlad Tudor, Ryan Urquhart, Ronniy Joseph
7 Feb AGWA monthly meeting Talk: “All-Sky astrophysics from the Murchison shire ” Paul Hancock
20 Feb Royal Australian Chemical Institute Invited talk Astrochemistry: The how, what, where, and when 30-40 Chenoa Tremblay
20 Mar SciTech Scitech GT (Gifted and Talented) Yr 7-9 + teachers about Big Data ~100 Natasha Hurley-Walker
24 Mar Astrofest Astronomy expo in Curtin Stadium ~ 2500 Lots of people
30 Mar Swancon (WA Science Fiction convention) Talk on 'How stars work, what happens over a stars lifetime, and why' 50 Andrew Williams
22 May Kalamunda Primary School Talked about astronomy, planets and the Solar System. 25 Andrew Williams
Jan-Jul Australian Teacher Astronomy Research Program (Byford Secondary College and Willetton Senior High School) Engaging high-school students (via their teachers) by guiding them through a research project over a sustained period of time. This culminated in the two teachers delivering an outreach talk (with scientific results) at the 2018 ASA meeting. 50 Sarah White
24 Jul Kensington Primary School DUCKS Telescope Night 120 James Miller-Jones, Pikky Atri, Ronniy Joseph
28 Jul Disrupted Festival, State Library of WA Conversations with Josh Byrne: Using Data for Good 75 Natasha Hurley-Walker
6 Aug St Catherine's Faculty Dinner Talking about careers in science to UWA undergraduate students 50 Natasha Hurley-Walker
11 Aug National Science Week, Pawsey Supercomputer Open Day Talking about MWA and radio astronomy 100 Mia Walker
15 Aug Talk at Kelmscott Senior High school Discussed my journey from high school all the way to PhD-level research. Briefly touched on my research (pulsars with the MWA). 60 Bradley Meyers
16 Aug John Willcock High School STEM Fair / Scinapse Talking about astronomy to primary and high school students 50 Natasha Hurley-Walker
16 Aug Methodist Ladies' College National Science Week invited speaker. Talk on “The Explosive Radio Universe” 430 students, 40 teachers Gemma Anderson
17 Aug Scinapse Women in STEM Breakfast, Geraldton Talking about careers in science for women to general Geraldton audience 50 Natasha Hurley-Walker
18 Aug Perth Science Festival Hands-on activity at ASTRO 3D stall for the general public ~3000 Teresa Slaven-Blair, Ben McKinley, Steven Murray, Christene Lynch, Bella Nasirudin
18 Aug The Innovators' Tea Party Speed-meet-a-mentor event for year 10-12 female students to meet female STEM professionals. “Creative Tech” session, which was sponsored by ICRAR. 20 Gemma Anderson
19 Aug Perth Science Festival Hands-on activity at ASTRO 3D stall for the general public ~4000 Teresa Slaven-Blair, Cathryn Trott, Randall Wayth, Chris Jordan, Ronniy Joseph
23 Aug Science Cafe, Winthrop Hall, UWA Networking roundtables event discussing careers in STEM with Year 10 students; NHW delivered keynote speech to full audience 288 students, 16 teachers, 50 other STEM professionals Natasha Hurley-Walker, Ronniy Joseph, Pikky Atri
6 Sep Como Primary School Talk/Q&A with year 3's 25 Ben McKinley
12 Sep Kensington Primary School Talk/Q&A with primary school kids 20 James Miller-Jones
19 Sep Penross College Girls ChooseMath for STEM 100 Cristene Lynch
20 Sep Physics Day @ Adventure World STEM outreach to high school kids 1000 Natasha Hurley-Walker & James Miller-Jones

Media 2018

Date Type Description People
3 Jan Interview Interview with Business News WA about the SKA Link to the article Melanie Johnston-Hollitt
18 Jan Radio Interview Chat with RTRFM about IAU star proper names John Morgan
24 Jan Radio Interview NPR (USA) about my career in astrophysics (follow-up to TED talk) Natasha Hurley-Walker
29 Jan Phone interview Interview about Astrofest for The Senior newspaper Randall Wayth
22 May Answering twitter questions Stargazing Live Cath Trott, Ben McKinley, Randall Wayth, Clancy James, Mengyao Xue, David Davidson, Guillaume Drouart, Rajan Chhetri, Pikky Atri, Steven Tingay, James Miller-Jones, Ronniy Joseph, Teresa Slaven-Blair, Gemma Anderson, Brian Crosse,
26 May Radio interview Mix94.5FM Janelle & Sam show Cath Trott
28 May TV Interviews Filming for Outback Astronomy episode of BBC Sky at Night (aired July 2018) Natasha Hurley-Walker
28 June Radio Interviews ABC RN, RTRFM about radio astronomy and the ABC Top 5 programme Natasha Hurley-Walker
29 June Interview for article Interviewed by Amanda Keenan from West Weekend: feature article on my journey as a woman in STEM (published Jul 15th) Natasha Hurley-Walker
4th-10th July Radio Interviews BBC 5 Live, ABC Gold Coast, ABC Townsville, answering live science questions with Dr Karl Natasha Hurley-Walker
7 July Radio Interviews Interviewed by The Science Show podcast about the MWA Melanie Johnston-Hollitt
11 July Interview for article Phone interview for ABC Science article on the IceCube neutrino result James Miller-Jones
12 July Interview for article Interviewed by Fleur Bainger from RAC Magazine about WA radio astronomy, GLEAM, and the SKA (not yet published) Natasha Hurley-Walker
17 July Radio Interviews 96FM and ABC 720 about Lunar Eclipse and Water on Mars John Morgan
10 Aug Comment for article Telegraph (UK) on launch of Parker Solar Probe John Morgan
12 Aug Pop science article ABC News science article for National Science Week: “What is space made of? It’s complicated” Natasha Hurley-Walker
20 August Radio Interview ABC RN interview with Robyn Williams for The Science Show James Miller-Jones
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