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CIRA student projects present and past

Current PhD & MPhil Projects

Name Degree Title Supervisor(s) Study period
Timothy Colegate PhD - Engineering Transient Cosmic Phenomena and their Influence on the Design of the SKA Radio Telescope PH, ST 2008 - present
Phil Crosby PhD - Engineering ??? PH 2008? - present
Owen Giersch PhD - Physics ??? JK 2009 - present (with LOAs)
John Goldsmith PhD - Phys/AbSt Cosmos, Culture and Landscape ST+ 2009 - present
David Herne PhD - Physics High-Fidelity Mapping and Calibration of the Ionosphere to Low-Frequency Radio Waves ML 2008 - present (with LOAs)
Claire Hotan MPhil - Physics Testing Potential New Sites for Optical Telescopes in Australia ST, CR, JPM May 2008 - Sept 2010 (under examination)
Aziz Jiwani PhD - Engineering Active Antenna Arrays PH, SP 2009 - present
Kevin (Jun Yi) Koay PhD - Engi/Phys Detecting Radio Transients at Cosmological Distances and Probing the Ionized Intergalactic Medium PH, JPM 2009 - present
Ming Lim MPhil - Physics?? ??? ?? 2011?-
Aquib Moin PhD - Physics Observational study of radio transient sources associated with Gamma-ray Bursts and X-ray binaries using ATCA and LBA (e-VLBI/VLBI) ST, ? 2008 - present
Hayden Rampadarath PhD - Physics Applications of Wide-Field VLBI JM Oct 2010 - present
Bruce Stansby PhD - Physics Developing a Fast Radio Transient Monitoring System ST, AH 2008 - present
Michael Todd PhD - Physics Transient Astronomy using the 1-metre Zadko Telescope MZ, DC(UWA) 2010 - present

Current Honours & Masters Projects

Name Degree Title Supervisor Study period
Andrew Brown BSc Hons ??? CR 2009 - present
Arwin Kahlon BSc(Astronomy) Hons Simulating the Epoch of Reionisation JPM July 2010 - present
Damien MacPherson BSc(Astronomy) Hons Developing Educational Activities using a Small Telescope MZ July 2010 - present
Timothy Young BSc(Astronomy) Hons Single Pulse Studies of the Vela Pulsar AH 2010

Current Undergraduate and Summer Projects

Name Reason Title Supervisor Study period
Ben Goodsell ICRAR Analysis of radio astronomical data on TeV gamma-ray AGN HB 2010-11
John Fielding(UWA) ICRAR Venus Express Data Analysis JM 2010-11
Paul Graham(UNSW) ICRAR Exploring the relationship between radio and gamma-ray emission in active galactic nuclei ST 2010-11

Past PhD & MPhil Projects

Name Degree Title Supervisor(s) Study period
Nino Bukilic PhD - Physics Extremely wide bandwidth focal plane array receivers for radioastronomy ML 2006 - 2009

Past Honours & Masters Projects

Name Degree Title Supervisor Study period
Jeffrey Hodgson BSc Hons The annual evolution of microarcsecond structure in quasars HB July 2009 - November 2010
Thomas Russell BSc Hons A New Phased Array Mode for the Australian LBA AH 2010
Kranav Sharma MSc High Precision Timing of 20 Millisecond Pulsars AH 2009 - 2010
Luis Victorero Moya BSc(Astronomy) Hons Investigating Sagittarius A* JPM July 2009 - June 2010
Michael Todd BSc Hons Asteroid Tracking and Detection using the Zadko Telescope MZ, DC(UWA) 2009
Timothy Colegate BSc Hons Simulation of the Configuration and Performance of PAPER, a 32-Element Radio Astronomy Dipole Array ML 2006

Past Undergraduate and Summer Projects

Name Reason Title Supervisor Study period
Mark Aartsen(Adl) ICRAR Compact Structures in BL Lac Objects Podcast Part I Part II HB 2009-10
Naomi Altman(UWA) ICRAR The Radio Quiet MRO: Enabling Aperture Arrays for the SKA Podcast Part I Part II RW 2009-10
Thom Beckerling(UWA) ICRAR Radio Meteor Observatory Podcast Part I Part II MA 2009-10
Michael Bittle 3rd year Meteorite Detection and Tracking using Low-cost Computer Hardware and Applications ST 2008
Andrew Brown 3rd year The Small Radio Telescope ML 2007
Adam Carbone 3rd year Determining the Orbital Period of Recent Novae MZ, JB 2007
Michael Ensly 1st yr summer Investigating a Radio Emitting Magnetar AH 2008-09
Michael Ensly 2nd yr summer Signal Processing with Nereus-V AH 2009-10
Jeff Hodgson 3rd year Radio Astronomy with the Small Radio Telescope ML 2008
Arwin Kahlon iVEC Simulating the Epoch of Reionisation Podcast Part I Part II JPM 2009-10
Kai Karvinen 3rd year Detecting Solar Flares using Dual Centre-fed Half-wave Dipole Antennas ST 2008
Luis Victorero Moya 3rd year Galaxy rotation models ??? AH 2008
Tom Russell 3rd year Simulation of Radio Transients using a 20 Element Aperture Array ST 2008
Mick Todd 3rd year Development of Infrastructure for Education in Optical Astronomy MZ 2008
Tim Young 3rd year Commissioning the Small Radio Telescope for Galactic Rotation Curve Measurement AH 2009
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