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How to Access Journals from the iVEC Network

Seeing as many of us are on the iVEC network, I thought I would just send out some notes on any easy way of accessing subscription journals, as if you were on the Curtin network:

With Google scholar, use: For some results this gives a “Find It @ Curtin” link which takes you to the full text database if it exists.

For NASA ADS: Log in to ADS, then at the top right click “my account”. Click “library link settings”. In library link server put “”. Save.

If you append to many journal websites this will get you the article (assuming the library has subscribed to it). eg.

The following script will automagically append the dbgw link to a url that you wish to access. javascript:void(location.href=location.href.replace(/(http[s]?:\/\/)([\w.]*)(.*)/,'$1$$3')) save this as a new bookmark. Then when you are prompted to login or pay for a journal you can just click the link instead. If you are not logged into the library site then you'll be asked to login first using your staff/student id.

If you can't find something, document delivery is free for post-grads & staff and they will buy and send you an e-copy if it exists…

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