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This CIRA Wiki has been replaced with the new Confluence wiki

The new wiki can be found at New CIRA Wiki All pages of this wiki are now READ ONLY.


2014/07/29: The wiki has just been moved to a new webserver. It is now back to normal operations, but please report any problems to the administrators (addresses).

Old news

Latest Astronomy News from Science Daily

CIRA Events

Outreach activities

CIRA Colloquium

Journal Club

The Events and Colloquia pages contain information about local meetings and other events.

ICRAR-3 'Crazy Ideas' Planning Day

ICRAR Templates and Logos

CIRA Development Committee

CIRA Publications

Recent papers and other relevant publications by CIRA staff and students

Preprint and Poster Board

Correlator Documentation

The Correlator Documentation pages contain details of the hardware and software setup of the LBA correlator and instructions for correlation and verification of data, as well as links to correlation records.

DiFX developer pages.

Teaching and Research Repositories

The Teaching Resource pages contain instructions for accessing and updating the Curtin astronomy teaching resource repository.

The Subversion Research Repository pages contain instructions for users of the internal CIRA repository that is intended for source code, manuscripts, etc.

Current and past Astronomy students and projects

Resources for students (e.g. links to evaluation requirements, LaTeX templates)

CIRA Research Programs

Student Pages

Staff Pages

How-To Pages

Non-active Pages

Old wiki pages which are no longer actively maintained

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